Body casting, breast casting and copying in cellular details from live models in plaster of paris or concrete

breast castings
breast castings

Nobody beats our breasts!

Each of our quality castings owes its great detail to the quality molds we make from our lady models!

We use medical grade alginate, a derivitative of seaweed, that is both sterile and hypoallergenic. The alginate mold is very very fragile, and only lasts for a few minutes before it deteriorates. The first casting of plaster is called the 'master copy' as it will be used to make the mold... and it is often the only copy we get!

Future molds are thrown from silicone or RTV poly rubber, but we won't go into that too much... don't want to give our competition a primer!

Quality castings are the word, and we guarantee them!


breast castings

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