Body casting, breast casting and copying in cellular details from live models in plaster of paris or concrete

breast castings
breast castings

Privacy policy


Our customer information is never shared or sold with/to any other party, nor will our customers receive any kind of contact from us that does not involve the particular transaction at hand and that is absolutely necessary.

Transactions are encrypted and secured with 128 bit encryption. (It would take a Cray computer a trillion years to crack just one transaction).

It is not common knowledge, but e-merchants never see the customers credit card number or other credit information. That is kept confidential and encrypted between the card companies and the banking institutions involved, and is not necessary for us to have to fullfill a transaction.

Our customers are assured that they will not hear from spammers or telemarketers through a purchase at any Genius Goods Inc store!

Genius Goods Inc


breast castings

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